Movie Exploitation

daredo pictures – intermedia exploitation for independent movies:

Up until now, the process of exploiting an independent full-length movie involved several different agents concentrating on their respective exploitation areas (TV broadcasting, DVD/BluRay release, etc.) and trying to generate results independently. In contrast to this, daredo pictures, a division of daredo media GmbH (a subsidiary company of daredo GmbH), keeps the whole chain of distribution in its hands and is thus able to exploit all of the various rights connected to a movie: distribution and broadcasting rights for cinema, DVD/BluRay exploitation via digital rights (streaming and download), advertising and merchandise rights, as well as the right to produce additional products like soundtracks, eBooks and audio books. The chain is complete, and thus guarantees the best possible exploitation with the creator’s best interest in mind.

Darling Berlin:

The new label Darling Berlin stands for fresh and uncommon independent movies from the German capital. Often underfunded but with so much the more lifeblood, a whole new generation of filmmakers and actors is shooting comical, touching, down-to-earth movies. No conventions. No compromises. With lightness and a bizarre humour. The hearts of the Berlin audience are already captured, and daredo media has now set itself to make these movies accessable to the rest of the world.

Some of our movies:


For more information, please visit: Darling Berlin Homepage